Different perspectives

We all have our own opinion and perspectives which are based on the circumstances we grew up in and the things we saw. So when we come across someone with a different perspective, we immediately think they are wrong.

rolling eyes at others opinions
Rolling my eyes at other people’s different opinions

But I have become part of a leadership programme where everyone shares their opinions on different issues and topics. In a recent session, we were all discussing a certain issue and someone expressed an opinion different to mine. I was in complete shock as to what was being said.

If you know me even a little bit you will know that if someone says something I am not happy with, you can see it on my face. My face is very expressive.

My faced filled the variation of emotions

So as I sat there listening to this person, thinking how wrong they were. The main speaker of the night interrupted my thoughts, and she said I can see many of you don’t agree with the opinion that this person just expressed but its okay to have different opinions to people. This is what expands your thinking and encourages you to find solutions outside of the box.

So when I came home that day, I actually did research into what that person had said to see how valid their point was. As I researched more, I learnt more. In some cases I was right and in other cases I was actually wrong. I think its always hard to say that you are wrong about something.

Beautiful views from Malvern hills

Its a big world out there with endless ideas and possibilities. So go out there and explore each idea and every perspective. Speak to people who are different to you because honestly, those are the people you learn the most from.

Today, go out there and spend some time talking with people who hold different opinions to you and listen to what they have to say and see what you learn.

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