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Last weekend I attended a coaching weekend which also meant that I got a Diploma in Coaching. If you follow me on any social media, then you have probably heard, read or seen something about it. And if you haven’t then, see below:

Coaching diploma and Nabeeda

The certificate definitely got me excited but all the things I learned had me even more excited…

The coaching weekend was a great start to something I have always wanted to do but it was also a great way to start looking at coaching on a personal level.

Many people think coaching and being a coach is all about professional life. But it can teach you so much about yourself and how you work and how you need to look after yourself.

Another thing I learned is that I’m a visual person which means I learn by seeing but it also has an impact on my other behaviors too and that I would have never known.

Venetian mask

It was an investment of time in my personal development. A lot of time we get caught up in other things and forget about personal development and our selves.

I saw a meme on Instagram about having enough time in the day but not using the time right for e.g by watching love island. That is true! That’s one whole hour of your evening gone. But don’t feel guilty about that. That’s your me time. But maybe add something else you do with it or use it as your switch off time but make sure it is something that helps you.

Remember you can only grow by learning and working on yourself to find out where you want to be or what inspires you and work on that!

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