It’s international women’s day today. I really had to think about what I could write about. There are so many things and so many stories that I could spend a lifetime talking about.


But this international women’s day I want to focus on something I have been dealing with for a few months. That’s the beauty that we all have within.

I looked in the mirror and just really observed my self. I saw the scars and acne marks. I saw the hair that was growing on my brown skin. The stretch marks that sprawled across my legs. The eye bags from the nights that had taken their toll. My lips were marinated with words of self-hate that were fed to me by the society and the world.


as I stared for a bit longer I saw something more. I saw the kindness in my eyes and the softness of my heart. I noticed the smile that showed so much love and the tears started flowing. I had spent so much time listening to what others had to say that I had forgotten what I had to offer. I had spent months listening to negative things about me and internalising it all.

Thinking about my best life

I make a promise to myself and so should you. We’re beautiful the way we are. The scars are from the battles we have won against our hormones. The eye bags show the nights we have lived through. The hair on our skin shows that we’re alive and our body is working.

We’re smart and beautiful and kind and intelligent. We have more to offer the world than what we look like. We will change the world. We will represent the unrepresented. We will fight for the voice of those who were muted. March for the rights of the women who can’t do it for themselves. We will stand in solidarity and win the fight against inequality. We will do it all. AND we will do it while loving ourselves.



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