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Day in the life of a woman

***Disclaimer: This isn’t based on my life but on the life of the different women around the world***

I woke up this morning. As I picked out a skirt and top to wear for the day, the words ‘she deserved it because of the way she dresses’ went round in my head. I put the skirt back and took out some trousers thinking it would be my fault if I wore that skirt.

I left my house and got to work. As I entered a meeting with all the managers and the CEO, a room full of men, I felt a little scared. ‘She’s only here because she is pretty’ a common thing I hear because why else would I, a woman, be allowed to be in such an important meeting?

At lunch, I went for food with some of my male colleagues. ‘She is such a s***! Always hanging out with guys’ How can I forget? I am a woman and hanging out with guys automatically makes me a s*** but the guys… they are heroes because they are chilling with a hot girl.

In the evening, I went out for drinks with my friends and it was getting late. My mum was constantly messaging me all worried about how unsafe it is. Of course she needs to be worried. She gave birth to a daughter, now she needs to spend her life worrying whether I will make it home safe on my own or not.

As I get home at midnight, my dad shouts at me about why I was late. I go to my room upset. As I lay in my bed crying, my brother walks into the house 3 hours later and no one says anything. Of course it is okay! He is a boy after all.


As I wrote this post so many different stories went through my head. Things that have happened to me or my friends or the people around me because of our gender. Ways we have been put down. We have been told to dull our sparkle so other people can shine.

Now, it is the time to put an end to this. It is the time to empower our girls and educate our boys. It is time to treat them equally, don’t let the son stay out till 2am when the daughter has to be back for 9pm. Don’t shame a girl for having guy friends but congratulate a boy for getting a girlfriend. Don’t do it! Change begins at home.

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Let’s all take a step forward together and make the women feel safe, equal and loved. We didn’t come in this world to oppressed. Let us shine, let us live and see what we can create.


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