January started for me with a bit of bang and some changes to my life which meant I needed to take some time out. I needed to have a break and just spend time catching up with myself.

So I decided to go off Social media for a while and just really engage with my friends and people in my physical environment. That made such a big difference. As I took the time to just focus on myself and see what I wanted to achieve this year and things I wanted to be proud of. Things I learned from that was just amazing…

Nabeeda enjoying the view

  1. I had more time. When I wasn’t busy checking and spending time on social media, I had wayyy more time to write content and plan stuff for my blog.
  2. Some moments were even more special when not shared on social media. January was a really up and down month for me. Some bad crap happened and some exciting stuff happened. But not sharing on social media meant, I truly experienced each feeling; the good and the bad. As humans, we need to do that.
  3. I noticed things more. Now that I wasn’t attached to my phone and just engrossed in life in that tiny little thing. I noticed the people around me. I noticed the things around me which had been there all along but I hadn’t seen them.

Now, this doesn’t mean I am off social media forever. The reality is I love using it and it does make me feel good and entertained but I have decided to limit my usage. Rather than sharing every moment, I will share the highlights. I will enjoy the moment and if I can be bothered then I will post an Insta story.

I know it has been said before and it will be said again by more and more people. But when you go through it yourself and give yourself a break and spend time catching up with yourself, you realise what a difference it can make.


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