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As a young person, I have learned many things. From looking after yourself to ensuring that you try different experiences in life.Nabeeda chilling

Looking at all the things I have learnt…

But one of the most important things I have learned is to build networks.

Why am I saying that?

Well, the world is filled with so many opportunities and so many different perspectives. Networks help you identify the opportunities and create a broader perspective on life!

Nabeeda in London

So when I was looking for my graduate job, I had many struggles and many rejections. Both of which made me feel very stressed and actually question my ability to get a job.

But then I messaged one of my friends from university and she thought I would be a good fit for the company she works and she recommended. After the tests and interviews, I got the job. But, without her, I wouldn’t have even seen the opportunity let alone get it.

I started working and then I wanted to do something in my spare time. Something related to social enterprises or making a change in the world.

Again, someone from my university tweeted about a programme and that they were looking for a new group of people. BOOM! I applied and went through the process and got it! I absolutely love the programme and the things I’m learning along the way.

This was another opportunity I would have missed if I didn’t expand my network.

Now I’m not saying you should build a network for selfish reasons and always just message people for help and opportunities. Nahhhhhhhh!!!

A network is a two-way street. So anytime you hear about opportunities then let people know and match people to them. Because as they say what goes around comes around!

Build a network and help each other and see the benefits of it. As you interact with new people and get a chance to explore the new opportunities available to you!


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