I LOVE Bollywood! It has been a part of me since I was a tiny little girl. Often people think it’s weird to like Bollywood music and films. Honestly, they have some of the best content and they can make you sing, dance and cry all in one film. I love and appreciate that.

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So here are some of the things I have learnt from Bollywood:

  1. Jab we met: Now anyone who hasn’t watched Jab we met, there is a main character called Geet. She is full of life and full of self-love. Just watching her on screen makes me fall in love with myself. Geet taught me that loving myself isn’t a bad thing and you shouldn’t care about people’s opinion. Now that is a hell of a lesson.

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  2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: I LOVE THIS FILM. It is based on 3 guys and how they go on a boys trip and learn so much about life and decisions that they should make. This film reminded me that life is short. That we should spend our lives doing things we love and spending time with the people around us because we never know when our life will end. But this film sends this kind of sad message in such a fun and exciting way. P.S the boys are really good looking 😉Image result for zindagi na milegi dobara meme
  3. PK: PK is kind of a controversial film. But, it sends the message that we should love everyone. Most importantly, that religion is great and we should respect each other’s religion but to not be fooled by people who spread hate and division in the name of religion. In today’s society, this is such an important message. We need to spread love, equality and peace.

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  4. 3 idiots: This film is absolutely hilarious. But the main message is that we should let our children do whatever they enjoy in terms of career and studying. But it also teaches us that we should aim to learn and gain knowledge not to get success. Because when we work hard to learn, success follows automatically. This film is a must watch!

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  5. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: I just love love love this film. It is all kinds of crazy and fun. It just teaches you stuff about friendship and love. Most importantly, the importance of being in the moment. You will always miss out on stuff but it is important to enjoy the place and moment you are in.

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Honestly, there are million more films and a thousand more messages to be learnt. Bollywood films aren’t just films but they actually teach you so much about love, family and relationships.

IF you can’t appreciate any of that I am sure you can love and enjoy the songs and dancing. Because that is unbeatable.

If you have watched any of these films or would like film recommendations then drop me a comment <3


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