Beautiful memories

As I was waiting for my train on Sunday morning, I saw a family going for a day out. The mum, dad and their daughter. All wrapped and packed ready for the cold day. It was such a beautiful sight…
Me at graduation with my family
It reminded me of when I was young and my family would go on days out.
My dad would book them in advance with coach companies or on the train and me, my sister, my mum and dad would go.
We’d take packed picnics and the funniest part was the clothes I wore. It would always be such a random combination of colours and patterns but I would totally rock those looks.
I’d look forward to those weekends because it meant I would get to spend time with my family and just have fun.
Nabeeda's graduation
As I stood at the station thinking about those memories I felt so happy. But a little sad too because we don’t do that anymore. We don’t do those random weekends because life has taken over.
But then I thought about all the other things we do. All the other events we have celebrated and the two beautiful additions to my wonderful family.
Then I realised, that’s the thing about memories, they bring so much back with them. The feelings at that time and those special moments.
My favourite Bollywood film has the following line:
Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hain, ek baar khula to sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge”
Meaning: that memories are like a box of sweets, you can never have one. Once you start you just get lose in them, forgetting the present.
But you need to remember all the amazing things you’re doing now. Memories are great.
But focus on your present and the special moments now.


And if thinking about a memory makes you realise that life isn’t how it should be or you’re not doing things you were doing before then make that change.
Then there’s a quote for that too:
If you don’t like something, move. You’re not a tree 🌲
So cherish your memories but don’t live in them.
Build a beautiful present 🎁
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