Be kind. Always.

There are 7.6 billion people in the world.

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Which means that it is impossible to like everyone. And if you like everyone then please tell me the trick because damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I struggle.

But, the reality is you can’t get along with everyone and that is absolutely fine. What isn’t fine is being bad to people you dislike.

When I don’t like people or don’t get along with them, it doesn’t give me the right to be rude to them or mean to them. It just means we have differences and that’s okay but I can still be polite and kind. That isn’t being two-faced, that’s being an adult and realising you can’t get along with everyone.

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In life, you will come across all kind of people but the main thing to remember is to meet everyone with an open mind. People are different from us because of the experiences they have in life. They think differently because they had to deal with different situations. They’re not disagreeing with you because they want to annoy you but that’s what they actually believe based on past experiences in their life.

What you need to realise is that just like they are different to you, you are different to them and if you don’t agree with them, don’t be rude to them. Everyone is allowed an opinion and you have no right to look down on someone for theirs.

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Don’t agree with someone? Just smile, nod and move along. Be kind to people even if you don’t like them or agree with them. There is enough hate in this world already so spread kindness and love to everyone… I mean everyone!

Sending out kind vibes to you all…

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