So recently I went to an assessment centre and it was like a breeze and even I’m surprised I am saying that. Because this is how I normally feel about assessment centres:
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In past few years I have attended like a million assessment centre and honestly some of them have tired me out and some have just made me downright stupid but this assessment centre, was one I actually enjoyed.
So here are some tips to ensure that you can make the most of the assessment centre:
  1. Get there early: get there At least 15-20 minutes early to build rapport with the other candidates this is key. But don’t get there too early because assessors don’t like people who are too early so balance is important.

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  2. Dress to impress: dress smart and ready for the occasion. You have to prove yourself and they will make their first impression on what you’re wearing so make sure you look the part.

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    Don’t overdo it though haha 😀
  3. Research research research: research everything you can about the company. Maybe find something that interests you and that you can talk about confidently. In my case, I spoke about the company’s presence in a certain industry I have worked in before and that showed them I knew my stuff.
  4. Let other people speak: one thing I’ve learnt from all my assessment centre is that it’s important to let other people speak. No one like a bossy dominant person, they’re looking to hire team players.

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  5. You’re being assessed from the moment you enter the building; so be on your best behaviour and be polite to everyone because that’s what is going to show that you’re a fit for the company
  6. See if you actually fit: assessment centres aren’t just for companies but for you to see whether you fit in. If you’re having to change a lot of things about yourself to fit in then maybe this isn’t the place for you. It’s important to work in a place where you feel comfortable

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  7. Be ready for any questions: prepare for the random questions. I once got asked what chocolate bar I would be and why? Let your randomness show because they want to know that you have a fun side too.
Situations like this create a lot of pressure the important thing is to remain calm and do your best.
I’m a big believer in what’s meant to be will be. Just put in your work and the rest will work out itself!
Good luck for the next assessment centre!
Pray for me as I attend one today (FINGERS CROSSED :D)
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  1. Khadija Bakali Reply

    Thanks for sharing these tips helps in any group meeting training and work places.
    Good luck stay blessed

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