An education system that fails me

I am a final year University student and I think the education system is failing. This isn’t just about my university but about the overall experience of education.

Why am I writing this post now?

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I am in my last few weeks of final year and I have seen so many people around me have breakdowns. Honestly, I have had a few breakdowns myself. The pressure, the thought of failing and the lack of support from academics (who think they are preparing you for the real world) pushes you to the limit. It makes you want to pull your hair off and run away to a different country and never come back.

And if you are not feeling this way then please give me your tips and tricks…


The education system is failing as it tests people in ways that they will never be tested in, in the real world. My boss will never say to me learn everything then solve this client’s problem from memory with no help from any resources. Then why is it okay to test me like that at University?

Why am I learning to answer a test paper? rather than to use that information practically. The education system should inspire people and encourage them to pursue education further rather than putting them off.

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If I got a pound for every time someone has said to me ‘I used to love this subject before University ruined it for me’ then I would be able to pay off the debt Uni has put me in.

This isn’t even just about Universities. This is an issue of the whole education system. We start getting tested since we are little. We are told to aspire to numbers and letters that we need to achieve to be ‘successful’ in life. But, the price of these grades is many people’s mental health. An education system can cost money but it should NEVER cost someone their mental health.

I know what I am saying has been said before but it needs to be said again. And AGAIN. AND AGAIN. Until something changes. Until we find a way to make education an experience students enjoy rather wish away because they are tired of the pressure and stress.

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