Amsterdam Diary

I recently went to Amsterdam and if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know and if you don’t then you should follow me (worldofnabeeda).

My trip to Amsterdam was kind of an impromptu one and definitely my least organised one. But it was a lovely weekend and even though I didn’t manage to see it all, what I did see just blew my mind.

Day 1:

There was so much to do, I just didn’t know where to begin. With my phone in one hand and my backpack in the other, I left central Amsterdam to go to see the windmills with my friend. One tip, it is cheaper to go there yourself and explore than to pay a guided tour company. Overall we spent around 20 Euros compared to the 70 the company was going to charge.

We had a great time. Seeing all the beautiful windmills and the pretty countryside. Just walking through made me feel so at peace. I have always been a fan of greenery and grass and the countryside so I was in my element. The heat was a little much but a little trip on the canal with some cool air made the whole trip worthwhile. It is safe to say I would 100% recommend it.

Windmills in Amsterdam

Now when I think back to it I think what made the journey there fun and the time just relaxing there so enjoyable was having company. We laughed and joked and just generally talked about life. One of my favourite topic of conversation. As much as I love solo travelling, nothing beats the fun of a long and deep conversation.

After the windmill exploration, the day was still young and there was still a lot to see. So we decided to go to a theatre festival. It was such an interesting combination of things and I was just excited to be seeing something new. Not something touristy but something an everyday Dutch person would do. Then, I had the full Dutch experience as me and my friend got soaked in the rain.

But you see when you are abroad in a different country on a little holiday, there something about getting drenched in the rain too. As we striked conversations with some locals and just got some coffee to wave off the cold that the rain had left behind.

When we got on to the train back to Amsterdam, I had learned one main thing on my first day of exploring which was; doing touristy stuff is fun and definitely looks great on the gram but the memories come from stupid silly moments in random places that no one might know.

As we got told off on the train for being two loud Pakistani girls, I just wondered what day two of my Amsterdam journey would hold and trust me, it just got better…

Selfie nears the windmills


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