A seat at the table

I have been so lucky in life to have gotten so many opportunities. From travelling to different places alone to attending sessions/events where I have had the chance to speak my opinion and get my voice heard. For that, I am so thankful.

nabeeda in disbelief
I can’t believe the opportunities I have had…

But there are times when I am taking part in a discussion and I feel inadequate. As I am surrounded by people with masters, who have years of experience and there I am a 23 year old trying to give my opinion. This thought always bothered me. This also meant sometimes I would become quiet thinking that I didn’t have the experience to speak. Most importantly, I started thinking I didn’t deserve a seat at that table to express my opinion and influence change.

Nabeeda in Palma

However, recently I attended an event and I met a young woman who was the youngest ever Director in her company. My most important question to her was ‘Do you not feel scared or feel worried that you might not be deserving of this position?’

She said ‘I was given this opportunity and I have taken it up. Now I am going to play the part. I am just as smart and just as deserving. Don’t let your brain or anyone else tell you anything different’

It made me realise that all these things I have achieved and all these places I have been to have been a result of my hard work. No one has handed anything to me. I have earned it all and therefore I deserve each and everything. Most importantly, I deserve to give my opinion and take a seat at that table with the professors, lawyers, and councilors and get myself heard.

me jumping up

So a message to all my readers, whenever you get an opportunity and you doubt yourself, remember that you earned this. YOU DESERVE THIS! Use those long sleepless nights and hours of revising and days of focusing on nothing but getting your goals as a reminder for the hard work to get the opportunities you have.


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