A letter to my future self

I found my diaries from when I was like 10/11 years old and honestly I have written some of the silliest things ever. Things that felt like huge problems then such as what to wear for dress down day or saving up money to buy some new stuff.
Honestly, I make these little things sound like huge disasters haha 😀
But the diary also had some things I wanted myself to achieve by a certain age:
  • I wanted to have become a teacher by now
  • Have so many savings
  • Have become famous for something
  • Written a book
All these plans sound amazing. Out of those I have achieved NONE. But, I am still very happy because I am not the person I was when I was 10. The idea of teaching sounded magical at 10 but now it would be the last career option for me.
That is absolutely fine because I might not have done those things but I have done some other amazing things which I am super proud of.
So here is a message for my future self:

Dear Nabeeda,

I know you have goals in your mind and things you want to achieve right now. But even if you don’t achieve them thats okay because you will have managed to do something else. Don’t pressure yourself and trust the process.

Life is beautiful and you have so much to learn so take everyday as a learning opportunity. But the most important to thing to remember, nothing is more important than giving time to the people you love.

You are so passionate about things so use that power to change the world. But remember, changing the world doesn’t mean you have to change every single person and thing. Even the tiniest change or the smallest influence on a person can be the change you bring. Just always bring positive vibes.

In this crazy world filled with dreams and desires, don’t forget to love yourself. Remember that you are special and you always will be. So believe in yourself and see how amazing things are.

Love from

Past Nabeeda



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