Eid has always been one of my favourite days since I was a little kid. I would prepare my clothes the night before, get henna done, and stay up half the night in the excitement for the day.

But this Eid is different. So different that I hope and pray that no Muslim has to do an Eid like this again in their life. Eid is a festival of families and celebrations and spending time with your loved ones. This time that won’t be possible as we are currently in Lockdown.

I hope you all still get up, dress up, and enjoy the day…

  • Call your friends and family
  • Treat yourself to some nice food
  • Do things you love

Hopefully when we see our families next time, we will hug them a little tighter, hold them a little longer, and tell them how much we love them. Trust me, that time will come again, we will be together again, hugging our friends, and playing with our nephews and nieces. That time will come. But for that to come, we need to sacrifice a little today in the hope of a better tomorrow and to protect the lives of the masses.

I wish you all a wonderful Eid. May Allah accept all our prayers and fasts from Ramadan. May we get to see a better and recovered world.



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