Omg! Can you believe it’s been 3 years because I really can’t at all? If you’ve been here since the start of the journey then you’ll know that things have changed a lot.

A lot of ups and downs and many inconsistencies. But what’s remained the same over the 3 years is my passion and love for blogging. I guess that’s why I do it in the first place.

The joy it brings to just sit down and write my thoughts and feelings is just amazing. Being able to use a platform to help people, tell stories and maybe one day change the world. Who knows eh? A girl can definitely dream.

But I have decided that this year won’t be the year of dreams alone. This will be the year of action. The year of making things happen because why not?

Actions that I’ll take to ensure that I achieve every goal and dream. This year I’m not just celebrating my blog but I’m creating a bigger focus on where I see myself.

As I start my new YouTube channel which you can check out: World of Nabeeda

And I become more focused on my Instagram and Facebook and everything else under the sun, I want to be bigger and better with every single day.

The only thing that makes a person better is practicing and carrying on.


But I want one thing from you guys: feedback. Because there’s nothing like honest feedback and comments telling me what you love and what could change. If you hate something then tell me that too because I love my blog so I find it hard to see the pain points. So help a sister out!

Happy anniversary to me and thank you to you guys for the love and support over the years ❤️

I hope to keep telling my stories and entertaining you through more channels so you know the drill:





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