10 tips for your international travels

Taking your first international trip is intimidating, exciting, scary, and exhilarating all at the same time. As someone who has been traveling for half her life (literally), I wanted to give you some of the tips I have learned over the years so ensure you feel and know you are prepared.

  1. Make photocopies of your passport to keep in every bag and wallet you will use. If your passport is ever stolen or gets lost, you have a copy to show to the Embassy.RoguePassportHolderGreenCanvasUpOpen
  2. Have luggage tags on both your carry on(s) and checked bag(s). You never know what will happen during travel and if you ever get separated from your bags, you need to make sure your contact information is on everything!funny_meme_adulting_all_over_the_place_quote_luggage_tag-r0518c4e968384c219c6e85fd0823f278_fuymh_8byvr_324
  3. Pack all your medications, valuables, and electronics in your carry on. If there is something you cannot afford to lose or cannot be replaced, it goes in your carry on. With this being said, you should not travel with anything that can’t be replaced.
  4. Put a TSA-approved lock on any checked luggage. It makes it that much easier for someone to get into your luggage and take things if you don’t have a lock. YES! It happens!
  5. Get travel insurance. Do your research and find the best option for you but make sure it includes medical as most health insurance does not work once you leave the country. 5183b02c1da0921dd6a3f4d94bd4dbe4
  6. Make a list of everything you absolutely cannot forget (i.e. passport, camera, phone, chargers, credit cards, cash) and check it off before you close your bag to walk out the door.
  7. Bring at least 2-3 credit and debit cards with you and notify the credit card company/bank before leaving that you will be traveling and using those cards.
  8. Own a credit card without international transaction fees. Those add up and it is money wasted. Make sure you know the PIN to both your credit card and debit cards. Do not keep all your cards in the same place in case a bag is lost or stolen.
  9. Put your passport in your carry on the night before and double (even triple) check it’s in there RIGHT BEFORE you leave the house. If there is one thing you cannot travel without, it’s your passport!
  10. Know the visa requirements for your destination. They can change at any time so make sure you look for updates frequently on your government’s website.getmeavisa-meme.jpg

This post was written by Amy who blogs about her adventures at www.justyoumeandtheworld.com. Looking for help planning your first (or next) adventure? Contact her for some advice!


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