Firstly, I want to thank all the people that wished me, congratulated me and wished me the best for the future <3 I love you all so much for that!

But the actual day, I felt like I needed to do something special for my one year anniversary! You know something different, that would make my day extra special in some way. Maybe travel to a different city or try a new experience.

Something that would be different but I realised any day can be special if spent with the right people. As all I did on this day was spent the day with my best friend. I did some solo singing and dancing in  my room as I really just lived the day. I dressed up and made an extra effort to look good.
It was the kind of day where I literally did everything I do on a daily basis. But I was so happy, that everything I did became special itself without me even trying.
And that’s when I realised.
That you can make any day amazing if you have a bit of fun and just stay as happy as you can be. Just find the joy within yourself and let it loose and see what the day can bring you.
We lose little moments in search for the big one. So from today, focus on the little things and little moments. See the happiness shine around you!
Time to start focusing on the year ahead…


  1. Congrats on the one year anniversary!! Your consistency is inspiring 💪🏽 Keep up the amazing work X

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